Suppressed Statements – Distributing Heroin

January, 2018

Practice Area: Criminal Defense

Outcome: Suppressed/Time Served

Description: Client was charged with multiple drug offenses. Client was facing a mandatory minimum 4 years in jail if convicted with a maximum of 35 years in state prison. We argued that his statements should not be used against him because the police did not read him his rights despite being in custody. We filed a motion to suppress his statements. The motion was allowed. We took the case to trial and on the day of trial, the prosectors agreed to a plea deal on just the conspiracy charge. All of the other drug charges with the mandatory minimums were dismissed. Client was given a time served plea (crediting the time in jail he had already done) with no probation and allowed to walk out of jail a free man.

Practice area(s): Criminal Defense
Suppressed Statements – Distributing Heroin
David Ellison

Attorney David Ellison is the Founding Attorney of Ellison Law LLC.

Suppressed Statements – Distributing Heroin
Allyson Quay

Attorney Allyson Quay is an Associate Attorney for Ellison Law LLC.

Suppressed Statements – Distributing Heroin
Laurie Ellison

Laurie Ellison is the Operations Manager for Ellison Law LLC. She is a Certified Public Accountant.

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