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Conspiracy charges happen when you are accused of collaborating with another to commit a crime. Conspiracy is a crime committed when two or more people come up with a plan or work together to do something that is considered a crime. It does not matter whether the crime itself actually happens.

It also does not matter if one person has no intention to commit the crime because if that person plans or works with at least one other person in support of the potential future criminal act, that person can be considered conspiring to commit the crime.

It is important if you are charged with conspiracy to have an experienced Rhode Island criminal defense attorney to help you with your charges. Ellison Law LLC has lawyers who have represented countless defendants who have been charged with conspiracy.

What are Some Laws in Rhode Island for Conspiracy?

Rhode Island General Laws § 11-1-6 “Conspiracy” states the following:

“Except as otherwise provided by law, every person who shall conspire with another to commit an offense punishable under the laws of this state shall be subject to the same fine and imprisonment as pertain to the offense which the person shall have conspired to commit, provided that imprisonment for the conspiracy shall not exceed ten (10) years.”

Rhode Island General Laws § 21-28-4.08 “Conspiracy” states the following:

“Any person who conspires to violate any provision of this chapter “Uniform Controlled Substances Act) is guilty of a crime and is subject to the same punishment prescribed in this chapter for the commission of the substantive offense of which there is a conspiracy to violate.”

What is Some of the Case Law for Conspiracy?

The common law crime of conspiracy involves a combination of two or more persons to commit some unlawful act or do some lawful act for an unlawful purpose; it does not require that any overt acts have been committted in execution of the unlawful agreement. State v. LaPlume, 118 R.I. 670, 375 A.2d 938 (1977).

The rule is well established, sound, and viable that where several persons combine or conspire to commit an unlawful act, each is criminally responsible for the acts of his associates or confederates in the furtherance of any prosecution of the common design for which they combine. Each is responsible for everything done by one or all of his confederates, in the execution of the common design, as one of its probable and natural consequences, even though the act was not a part of the original design or plan, or was even forbidden by one or more of them. State v. Barton, 424 A.2d 1033 (R.I.), rehearing denied, 427 A.2d 1311 (R.I. 1981).

It is totally immaterial that the unlawful agreement be successfully or substantially carried out because once the agreement is made, the offense of conspiracy is complete. State v. Barton, 427 A.2d 1311 (R.I. 1981).

Under this section, the agreement itself constitutes the crime, and the conspiracy is committed at the moment the agreement is struck. It is immaterial whether the conspiracy agreement succeeds or fails. State v. LaRoche, 683 A.2d 989 (R.I. 1996).

If you or a loved one is charged with conspiracy, do not hesitate to contact Rhode Island criminal defense lawyers at Ellison Law LLC today at 401-230-5520 today.


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