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A Massachusetts Motor Vehicle Offense can have serious consequences on your license, your freedom, your criminal record and can cause high insurance rates with your car insurance. There are criminal Massachusetts Motor Vehicle Offenses and civil Massachusetts Motor Vehicle Offenses.

It is important to remember that driving is considered a privilege and is not a right. The Registry of Motor Vehicle (RMV) will be the first to remind you of this. They keep track of all of your motor vehicle offenses and will send it to other states, especially if your license is from another state. You likely will also see motor vehicle offenses from other states on your Registry of Motor Vehicle driving record.

If your license gets suspended, click here to read about the process to appeal a license suspension from the Registry of Motor Vehicle in Massachusetts.

If you are convicted of a criminal motor vehicle offense, the court can potentially send you to jail and/or put you on probation. Some Massachusetts Motor Vehicle Offenses can trigger a license suspension when you are convicted. The Massachusetts court you are convicted in will send notice to the RMV, and they will take action to suspend your license.

Ellison Law LLC has experienced Massachusetts criminal defense lawyers who represent clients all throughout the Commonwealth of Massachusetts for motor vehicle offenses. Some of these offense include the following:

Massachusetts Operating Under the Influence of Alcohol (OUI)

Massachusetts Operating Under the Influence of Drugs

Massachusetts Negligent Operation

Massachusetts Reckless Operation

Massachusetts Failure to Stop for Police

Massachusetts Leaving the Scene of Personal Injury

Massachusetts Leaving the Scene of Property Damage

Massachusetts Operating After License Suspension

Massachusetts Unlicensed Operation of a Motor Vehicle

Massachusetts Operating an Uninsured Motor Vehicle

Massachusetts Use of Motor Vehicle Without Authority

Massachusetts Motor Vehicle Offenses can have costly consequences that could negatively affect your life and life of your family. If you have been charged with a Massachusetts Motor Vehicle Offense, contact Ellison Law LLC today.

Having the knowledge and experience of an experienced Massachusetts Criminal Defense Lawyer by your side may help reduce your sentence, potentially avoid a license suspension, lower your fines and keep you out of jail. Do not wait, contact Ellison Law LLC today at 401-230-5520.


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