Not Guilty – OUI 3rd offense (Felony)

January, 2018

Outcome: Not Guilty

Description: Client was charged with the following offenses: OUI 3rd Offense (a mandatory jail sentence), Operating Negligently, Leaving the Scene of Property Damage, Operating After License Suspended, Subsequent Offense, Malicious Destruction of Property Under $250, and Disorderly Conduct. Client was offered a plea deal of 6 months in jail with a guilty plea and client declined. We took the case to trial. After a two-day long jury trial with five witnesses, the jury found client not guilty of all charges except operating on a suspended license, subsequent offense. Most importantly, client avoided the mandatory jail time and the felony conviction. He walked out of the court room with me that day a free man.

Practice area(s): Criminal Defense
Not Guilty – OUI 3rd offense (Felony)
David Ellison

Attorney David Ellison is the Founding Attorney of Ellison Law LLC.

Not Guilty – OUI 3rd offense (Felony)
Allyson Quay

Attorney Allyson Quay is an Associate Attorney for Ellison Law LLC.

Not Guilty – OUI 3rd offense (Felony)
Laurie Ellison

Laurie Ellison is the Operations Manager for Ellison Law LLC. She is a Certified Public Accountant.

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