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What is Alcohol Education or Alcohol Treatment for a DUI in Rhode Island?

As part of your DUI sanctions in Rhode Island, you may be ordered to complete an Alcohol Education program or Alcohol Treatment. Both of these sanctions are mandatory under the law for certain DUI penalties. If you do not complete them, you risk having your driver's license further suspended. You could also be subject to a probation violation if they were ordered as part of a probation order from your sentencing judge. 

The Rhode Island DMV will monitor both of these sanctions because they are alcohol-related suspensions that come from Driving Under the Influence of Alcohol or Drugs or Refusal to Submit to a Chemical Test

What Do I Do If I am Ordered to Complete Alcohol Education in Rhode Island? 

The Alcohol Education Program is held at the Community College of Rhode Island. However, you must register with the DV. It is important to do this as soon as possible because there are long waits. The program costs $350 and you must register for it at the Driver Retraining Office at the Rhode Island DMV. 

Once you have paid and signed up, you will start the course with a one-hour counseling assessment assignment. After that you will take the course which lasts between 12-18 hours. 

What Do I Do If I am Ordered to Complete Alcohol Treatment in Rhode Island? 

If you have been ordered to complete Alcohol Treatment, you will need to do counseling with an approved provider by the DMV. This will require you to complete counseling sessions with the treatment provider. You may also have to complete drug/toxicology screens with the provider as well. There are no fees owed to the DMV for this - the fees are paid to the treatment provider. 

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