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School Bus Ticket Lawyer Rhode Island

Attorney David Ellison defends people accused of School Bus Tickets in the various courts in the State of Rhode Island. If you have been charged with a School Bus Ticket, give us a call today. School Bus Tickets can be a serious offense that can result in your license being suspended and significant fines. If you are charged with a School Bus Ticket, you can hire an experienced Rhode Island traffic ticket lawyer to help you with your ticket. 

What are the Penalties for Not Stopping for a School Bus in Rhode Island?

Civil fine of $250 to $500; and/or

License Suspension of up to 30 days

What is the Law for Stopping for a School Bus in Rhode Island? 

Rhode Island General Laws § 31-51-2.2(b) states the following:

"Any vehicle being operated upon a street, highway, private way or private or public parking area upon meeting or overtaking from any direction any school bus on which there is in operation flashing red lights, shall stop before reaching the bus. The vehicle shall not proceed until the bus resumes motion or until the flashing lights are no longer actuated."

How Does a Summons Get Issued for a School Bus Ticket in Rhode Island?

Rhode Island General Laws § 31-51-2.2(b) states the following:

"A law enforcement officer authorized to issue a traffic violation summons pursuant to title 31 of the general laws may issue a summons of a violation of this chapter based on evidence from a live digital video school bus violation detection monitoring system; provided, that the statement of testimony, or evidence provides the law enforcement officer with sufficient probable cause that a violation under this section was committed. The summons shall be in the form referred to in § 31-51-3."

Can I Use My Good Driving Record for a School Bus Violation?

No, you cannot use your good driving record to get a school bus violation dismissed under the good driving record statute. Under Rhode Island General Laws § 31.41.1-7, school bus violations are specifically listed as not eligible for use with the good driving record statute. 

If you are charged with a School Bus Ticket in the State of Rhode Island, contact Attorney David Ellison today at 401-230-5520.  

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