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Rhode Island Aggressive Driving Lawyer

Attorney David Ellison defends people accused of Aggressive Driving in the various courts in the State of Rhode Island. If you have been charged with Aggressive Driving, give us a call today. Aggressive Driving charges are a serious offense that can result in your license being suspended, hefty fines, and/or potential driver retraining classes. 

The laws for Aggressive Driving can be found in Rhode Island General Laws § 31-27.1-1 through § 31-27.1-4

What is Aggressive Driving in Rhode Island?

The definition of "Aggressive Driving" comes from Rhode Island General Laws § 31-27.1-3. "Aggressive Driving" means that an individual, coincident to operating a motor vehicle in violation of chapter 14 of this title, engages in conduct which violates two (2) or more of the following sections of law:

(1) Obedience to traffic control devices, § 31-13-4;

(2) Overtaking on the right, § 31-15-5;

(3) Driving within a traffic lane, § 31-15-1;

(4) Following too closely – interval between vehicles, § 31-15-12;

(5) Yielding right of way, §§ 31-15-12.1, 31-17-1, 31-17-2, 31-17-4, 31-17-6, 31-17-7 and 31-17-8;

(6) Entering the roadway, §§ 31-15-14, 31-17-3 and 31-17-5;

(7) Use of turn signals, §§ 31-16-5, 31-16-6, 31-16-8 and 31-16-9;

(8) Relating to school buses, special stops, stop signs and yield signs, chapter 20 of this title; and

(9) Use of emergency break-down lane for travel, § 31-15-16.

What are the Penalties for Aggressive Driving in Rhode Island? 

License Suspension of at Least 30 days; and/or

Fine of $260-$500; and/or

Driver Retraining Classes; and/or

The additional penalties for the other offenses that are charged. 

The penalties for "Aggressive Driving" come from Rhode Island General Laws § 31-27.1-4.

If you are charged with Aggressive Driving in the State of Rhode Island, contact Attorney David Ellison today at 401-230-5520. 

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