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Vandalism Rhode Island Lawyer

Attorney David Ellison defends people accused of committing all various types of property crimes in the State of Rhode Island including the crime of vandalism. If you have been charged with any type of property crime, give us a call today at 401-230-5520. Property crimes are serious offenses with serious consequences and should not be taken lightly. 

What are the Penalties for Vandalism in Rhode Island?

  • Misdemeanor criminal conviction
  • Up to one year in jail
  • Up to $1,000 in fines
  • Potential restitution to the alleged victim
  • Potential community service 

First conviction: 100 hours of community service

Subsequent convictions: 200 hours of community service

What are Some of the Laws Related to Vandalism in Rhode Island? 

Rhode Island General Laws § 11-44-1 "Vandalism – Obstruction of lawful pursuits" states the following: 

"(a) Every person who shall willfully and maliciously or mischievously injure or destroy or write upon, paint, or otherwise deface the property of another, or obstruct the use of the property of another, or obstruct another in the prosecution of his or her lawful business or pursuits, in any manner, the punishment of which is not specifically provided for by statute, shall be guilty of a misdemeanor and shall be fined not exceeding one thousand dollars ($1,000) and/or be imprisoned not exceeding one year, and shall be liable to make restitution for the injury or damage caused. Every person convicted of a first offense under this section shall be required to perform up to one hundred (100) hours of public community restitution work, and for a second or subsequent conviction shall be required to perform up to two hundred (200) hours of public community restitution work. Provided, further that every person who shall willfully and maliciously or mischievously injure or destroy or write upon, paint or otherwise deface government property, or obstruct the use of that property, shall be punished in accordance with this statute. Jurisdiction for matters involving government property shall be concurrent with the district court or the respective city or town police or municipal court.

(b) Where the provisions of The Domestic Violence Prevention Act, chapter 29 of title 12, are applicable, the penalties for violation of this section shall also include the penalties as provided in § 12-29-5."

If you are charged with vandalism in the State of Rhode Island, do not hesitate to contact an experienced Rhode Island criminal defense lawyer to help you with your charges today. Contact Attorney David Ellison for a Rhode Island Vandalism lawyer today at 401-230-5520. 

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