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It’s important that anyone facing DUI charges has the right Middletown, RI, DUI lawyer to help them through the legal process. The impact of a DUI conviction is significant, but there may be ways to mitigate or even eliminate that impact if you have the right legal assistance. Talented, experienced lawyers may be able to find an effective plea deal or even win in court.

Our team at Ellison Law LLC understands the many challenges a DUI case holds and the options available to those facing charges. We also understand the importance of good communication with our clients as they face the stress and uncertainty of their circumstances. Whether by going to court or negotiating a plea deal, we put your interests first and fight to minimize the impact of a DUI on your life.

Middletown RI DUI Lawyer

What to Expect From a Middletown, RI, DUI Lawyer

Your expectations for a Middletown, RI, DUI lawyer should be that they will represent you and pursue your interests in a committed manner. This is what we seek to do at Ellison Law LLC. That process begins with ensuring that we listen carefully to our clients’ objectives.

In some cases, they want the certainty of getting the process over with as quickly as possible. In other cases, we do everything possible to avoid a conviction, even if that means risking greater penalties in a trial. Whatever the case may be, it’s our job to hear you out and help you clearly understand the situation and the potential outcomes.

Going to Trial vs. Taking a Plea Deal

Usually, we will better understand the circumstances and the charges you face after performing our own investigation of the case. We can identify some potential weaknesses in the prosecution’s case, as well as help you understand what a trial may look like compared with a plea deal.

In situations where a plea deal may make sense, we make efforts to negotiate the strongest deal that we can. Prosecutors often have a significant caseload, and plea deals are an effective way to keep the courts moving smoothly. We understand how to put the right pressure on prosecutors to get a better offer for a plea deal that avoids some of the most significant penalties that you could face in a DUI conviction.

If a plea deal is not an option in your case, we are prepared to make your strongest case to the court. This process begins before the trial, when we will have the opportunity in pre-trial hearings and motions to challenge evidence that the prosecution hopes to present. Getting that evidence thrown out could weaken the prosecution’s case and even lead to charges being dropped in certain cases.

In a trial, we challenge the prosecution’s case. It’s their responsibility to prove your guilt beyond a reasonable doubt, and we can attempt to prevent them from making that case. The specifics of a defense should be tailored to the situation, but there are a number of ways to defend you in a DUI case, including challenging the officer’s judgment, identifying procedural issues, and questioning the accuracy of testing involved.

DUI Defense Attorney FAQs

Q: Should I Take a Plea Deal or Go Through a Trial?

A: Whether it makes more sense to take a plea deal or go to trial depends on the specific circumstances that you are facing. If there is a clear path to defending against the case in trial, then you may want to go that route. However, no outcome is ever certain, and going to trial always carries some risk. In other situations, a plea deal may be the most effective way to avoid significant penalties and reduce the impact of the DUI.

Q: What Are the Criteria for a DUI in Rhode Island?

A: The criteria for a DUI in Rhode Island are based on levels of impairment and BAC. Many DUIs are “per se DUIs,” which are determined based on a driver’s BAC. If it is over 0.08% or over 0.04% when operating a commercial vehicle, it is considered a “per se DUI.”

Additionally, the presence of a controlled substance or drug can be considered a DUI in Middletown, RI. An officer could also charge a DUI if they believe a driver is impaired by alcohol or another substance, regardless of the amount.

Q: Can DUI Charges Be Sealed?

A: DUI charges can be sealed as long as the charges were dismissed, acquitted, or there was another form of exoneration. You may also need to satisfy any other court-ordered requirements. A DUI lawyer can help you put forth a strong petition to have your charges sealed so that they will not appear on your public criminal record.

Q: What if I Don’t Want to Take a Chemical Test?

A: If you don’t want to take a chemical test, refusing can lead to significant consequences. Rhode Island’s implied consent rules mean that drivers are considered to have pre-emptively given their consent to take a chemical test upon request through their use of the roads. Refusing carries significant penalties. However, if you are able to speak with a lawyer before taking a test, this can be helpful in weighing your options and the impact of refusing compared with taking the test.

Get Help Defending Against DUI Charges

Being charged with a DUI can be an overwhelming experience. The strength of the legal system working against you and the uncertainty of the penalties you’ll face can be stressful and hard to process. However, there are often options available to you for your defense. Working with the right Middletown, RI, DUI attorney can be critical to ensuring you take the right path to minimize the impact of the charges on your life.

DUI charges are something we’ve helped clients defend against at Ellison Law LLC. We understand the challenging place our clients are in and take care to respect their desires. If we need to go to trial to defend them, we are more than comfortable doing so. We’ve also successfully negotiated plea deals for clients who found that to be a better option for their circumstances. Contact us today for experienced and skilled DUI defense.


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