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Massachusetts Theft and Larceny Lawyer

A theft or larceny case in Massachusetts occurs when somebody takes somebody else's property without their permission and does not give it back. If you are charged with a Massachusetts theft or Massachusetts larceny, it can be a very serious matter with serious consequences. It is important to hire an experienced Massachusetts criminal defense lawyer to help defend your charges. Attorney David Ellison has represented many people on charges involving theft or larceny offenses in Massachusetts. 

Types of Massachusetts Theft and Larceny Cases: 

Massachusetts Larceny

Massachusetts Larceny From the Person

Massachusetts Receiving Stolen Property 

Massachusetts Shoplifting 

Massachusetts Breaking and Entering 

Depending on the circumstances, a conviction for theft or larceny can potentially lead to incarceration, a criminal record, probation and/or hefty fines and fees. The stakes are high, and you need a high-quality Massachusetts theft and larceny lawyer to help fight the charges. We will help create a unique defense and strategy given your circumstances to help fight your charges. Do not hesitate, contact Attorney David Ellison today at 401-230-5520. 

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