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Massachusetts Criminal Defense

If you have been charged with a crime in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, you need an experienced criminal defense lawyer who understands the Massachusetts courts and their different laws. It can be very overwhelming for a person charged with a crime who is not used to being in that situation. That is why it is important to hire an experienced Massachusetts criminal defense attorney to help you throughout the process of being charged with a crime. Attorney David Ellison has spent nearly his whole career representing clients in Massachusetts who have been charged with crime. He began his career as a Public Defender in Massachusetts and learned the different complexities of the Massachusetts criminal legal system. 

He represents clients on all types of Massachusetts crimes, including the following: 

Massachusetts Clerk Magistrate's Hearing

Massachusetts Assault Offenses

Massachusetts Dangerousness Hearings

Massachusetts Domestic Violence 

Massachusetts Motor Vehicle Offenses

Massachusetts OUI

Massachusetts Conspiracy Charges

Massachusetts Drug Offenses

Massachusetts Firearms Offenses 

Massachusetts Property Offenses 

Massachusetts Theft and Larceny Offenses

Massachusetts Sealing and Expungement 

Massachusetts Witness Representation 

Massachusetts Warrants 

Any criminal charge is a serious matter that requires a serious response. Massachusetts Criminal Defense Attorney David Ellison focuses his practice on the defense of individuals charged with misdemeanor and felony criminal offenses throughout the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. If you are charged with a crime in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, contact Attorney David Ellison today at 401-230-5520. 

Advocating For You

When you hire Attorney David Ellison, not only are you getting a skilled, experienced, and aggressive lawyer in your corner, but you're getting a lawyer who understands the importance of empathy, honesty, and trustworthiness. Attorney Ellison is a lawyer who loves to advocate for you.