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Many times a criminal charge can feel like a lifetime of punishment due to the effects of having a criminal record. The charge and the disposition of the case can become a matter of public record. Jobs may ask for a background check before hiring, which can make it difficult to earn a living. Even if you were not convicted of a crime, the details of the crime can be made available to the public.

An expungement or a sealing can help to change that. You may be eligible to clean up your record and remove things from your record by having your case expunged or sealed. Don't let a mistake lead to a lifetime of discrimination. Contact Attorney David Ellison to see if you are eligible today. We will discuss your situation and whether you are eligible to have your charges expunged or sealed.

Rhode Island Expungement

In Rhode Island, a person is eligible to have their case expunged with several limitations. For a misdemeanor, the timing must be five (5) years after the completion of the sentence. For a felony, the timing must be ten (10) years after the completion of the sentence. 

Rhode Island Sealing

In Rhode Island, a person is eligible to have their case sealed if their entire case resulted in a dismissal, a no information, a no true bill, or a not guilty on all counts. In addition, the person cannot have a felony conviction on their record.

Do not hesitate to contact us today. The consultation is free, and we will help determine your eligibility. We will only charge you if we file a motion in Court to clean up your record. 

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When you hire Attorney David Ellison, not only are you getting a skilled, experienced, and aggressive lawyer in your corner, but you're getting a lawyer who understands the importance of empathy, honesty, and trustworthiness. Attorney Ellison is a lawyer who loves to advocate for you.