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Driver's License Suspension Lawyer

If your driver's license is suspended, you will likely be inconvenienced in a variety of ways that you did not anticipate. Your family life may be severely disrupted. Your job may require that you have a valid driver's license, or your employment may be subject to a driver's history background check. If your driver's license is suspended, it is essential that you hire a skilled driver's license suspension attorney who regularly handles and resolves these cases.


There are several reasons why your driver's license could be suspended. Some of these may include moving violations, while others may concern a violation of other state laws. Your driver's license suspension duration and reinstatement requirements will vary depending on your offense.

Common causes for a driver's license suspension include non-criminal offenses, such as driving without insurance, excessive moving violations, failure to pay a fine after being cited for a moving violation, and failure to pay child support.

Other causes for suspension involve criminal offenses, such as driving under the influence of alcohol/drugs, negligent or reckless operation of a car, leaving the scene of an accident, and driving on a suspended license.


If your license has been suspended, you may be able to appeal this suspension. If you receive notice that your license has been suspended, you can potentially fight the suspension. Attorney David Ellison has fought license suspensions successfully on behalf of his clients and has helped clients get their driver's license back. 


A criminal charge for driving on a suspended license can make your life even more complicated and stressful. You may not have even realized that your license was suspended at the time you were charged. This can happen for a variety of reasons, including a change of address or a error by the state in attempting to notify you of your suspension.

However, even if you were not aware that your license was suspended, you may still be charged. You are generally notified by the court when your license is suspended, so ignorance of the suspension will not get you off the hook if the court believes you were legitimately notified.


There are viable defense strategies for the charge of driving on a suspended license, including the reason you were initially stopped by the police, as well as the possibility that your license should not have been suspended in the first place which, again, could be the result of state error.

If it was not your fault that you were driving on a suspended license, you need someone in your corner who knows how to challenge the court, and who will fight to get your case dismissed. Therefore, it is crucial to hire a skilled driver's license suspension attorney as soon as possible to begin the process of gathering evidence and crafting a legal defense to this charge.

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