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Domestic assault and domestic violence are very serious charges. They can result in jail sentences and potential lifelong consequences. There is a stigma against any individual who is accused of domestic violence. It is important to act quickly and work with an attorney who can help you protect your rights after getting charged with domestic violence.

Ellison Law LLC has attorneys who have represented hundreds of people charged with assault crimes, including domestic assault. They understand these cases have a serious effect on your personal life, including where you can live, your employment, and relationships with family. They handle a large number of domestic assault cases each year.

Domestic Assault Strategy

It is important to contact an attorney right away to help handle your case. If you hire Ellison Law LLC, we will make sure that we immediately start filing motions on your behalf. We will make sure to obtain all police reports, all witness statements, photos and other evidence the government may have against you. We will make sure to do our own investigation into what truly happened. Sometimes, domestic violence allegations can be false and made up for a variety of reasons. False accusations result in a grave injustice when you are charged with domestic violence.

If you have been charged with domestic violence, it is important to contact an experienced domestic violence attorney. Contact Ellison Law LLC online today or by phone at 401-230-5520.


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