Speeding Dismissed Rhode Island

December, 2022

Our client was charged with speeding as a juvenile in the State of Rhode Island. This is a civil traffic violation that can result in fines, driver retraining classes and a possible license suspension. After speaking with the judge about the circumstances of what happened and our client’s life, the judge decided to dismiss the ticket entirely.

Practice area(s): Speeding / Traffic Ticket
Speeding Dismissed Rhode Island
David Ellison

Attorney David Ellison is the Founding Attorney of Ellison Law LLC.

Speeding Dismissed Rhode Island
Allyson Quay

Attorney Allyson Quay is an Associate Attorney for Ellison Law LLC.

Speeding Dismissed Rhode Island
Laurie Ellison

Laurie Ellison is the Operations Manager for Ellison Law LLC. She is a Certified Public Accountant.

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