Car Accident Injury Settled

January, 2018

Our client was rear-ended in a car accident. He came into our office looking for us to help him get compensated for his injuries and pain and suffering. His back and neck were still injured from the crash. He was seeing a physical therapist to help him with his injuries. We sent a demand letter with a threat to sue to the other driver’s insurance company. We had a back-and-forth negotiation with the insurance company. Eventually, we were able to settle the case for $10,500. This money covered all of his medical bills and expenses along with a substantial amount for his pain and suffering while avoiding a lawsuit and trial.

Practice area(s): Personal Injury
Car Accident Injury Settled
David Ellison

Attorney David Ellison is the Founding Attorney of Ellison Law LLC.

Car Accident Injury Settled
Allyson Quay

Attorney Allyson Quay is an Associate Attorney for Ellison Law LLC.

Car Accident Injury Settled
Laurie Ellison

Laurie Ellison is the Operations Manager for Ellison Law LLC. She is a Certified Public Accountant.

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