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Assault on a Police Officer Rhode Island Lawyer

Assault of a Police Officers or other Officials is a very serious charge which can result in jail sentences, a felony conviction, fines, and potentially have lifelong consequences. After being charged with assault on a police officer, it is important to ensure your rights are protected by working with an experienced Rhode Island criminal defense attorney. Our attorneys have extensive experience with assault cases, call our team today at 401-230-5520. 

Assault of a Police Officer or other Official in Rhode Island

Assaulting a police officer in Rhode Island is a criminal offense from Rhode Island General Laws 11-5-5. In order to be charged with this crime, the law states that the person must knowingly and willingly strike or spray with a noxious chemical a uniformed member of the police or other state officials causing bodily injury while they are in the performance of their duty. Other state officials include, but are not limited to, probation and parole officers, state government case workers or investigators, park police, judges, firefighters, state campus security, RIPTA bus drivers, or on-duty plainclothes member of the police force.

How many years in prison can someone receive for assaulting a police officer?

Assaulting a police officer or other official in Rhode Island is considered a felony offense. The penalty if charged with assaulting a police officer per RIGL 11-5-5 is as follows:

  1. Up to 3 years in prison
  2. Up to a $1,500 fine
  3. Potential Felony Conviction 
  4. Potential Probation 

What is the Law for Assault on a Police Officer in Rhode Island? 

The law for Assault on a Police Officer comes from Rhode Island General Laws 11-5-5, which states the following: 

"Any person who shall make an assault or battery, or both, by knowingly and willfully either (1) striking, or (2) spraying with a noxious chemical, commonly used as a personal defense weapon, including Mace and an oleoresin capsicum product or like products, a uniformed member of the state police or metropolitan park police, environmental police officer, state properties patrol officer, probation and parole officers, state government case worker or investigator, judge of the supreme, superior, family, district court, traffic tribunal or municipal court, deputy sheriff, city or town police officer or firefighter, member of the capitol police, member of campus security force of state colleges and universities, member of the Rhode Island airport police department, member of the Rhode Island fugitive task force, Rhode Island public transit authority bus driver, or on-duty plainclothes member of the town, city, or state police force, investigator of the department of the attorney general appointed pursuant to § 42-9-8.1, or member of the railroad police after proper identification is displayed, or uniformed dog officer, or out-of-state police officer called into Rhode Island under a cooperative agreement to provide mutual aid at the request of the state of Rhode Island pursuant to chapter 37 of title 42, or assistant attorney general or special assistant attorney general, or employees of the department of environmental management responsible for administrative inspections or any constable authorized by chapter 45-16 of the Rhode Island general law causing bodily injury while the officer or official is engaged in the performance of his or her duty, shall be deemed to have committed a felony, and shall be imprisoned not exceeding three (3) years, or fined not exceeding fifteen hundred dollars ($1,500), or both." 

If you are charged with assaulting a police officer, it is important to have legal representation. At the Law Office of David Ellison, we have experienced criminal defense attorneys who have represented numerous clients on the charge of assault on a police officer. It is important to take quick action and contact an experienced attorney to defend yourself against felony charges such as assault of a police officer. Contact the team at the Law Office of David Ellison today at 401-230-5520, you do not have to fight these charges alone.

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