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Trafficking Marijuana Between 50 and 100 Pounds and Possession with Intent to Distribute Reduced to Possession of Marijuana

June 2023

Our client was charged with Trafficking Marijuana between 50 and 100 Pounds. This is a felony in Massachusetts that has the potential penalty of 15 years in state prison with a mandatory minimum one year to serve. Our client was also charged with Possession with Intent to Distribute a Class D Drug. We filed a Motion to Suppress evidence in the case. As a result, we also entered into negotiations with the prosecutor. 

After negotiating with the prosecutor, we came to an agreement that the prosecution would dismiss the Trafficking Marijuana Between 50 and 100 Pounds charge and reduce the Possession with Intent to Distribute charge to Possession of Marijuana. Our client plead Guilty to Possession of Marijuana and received a $500 Fine. As a result, they avoided the mandatory minimum jail sentence, felony conviction and any probation on the case. 

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