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“I was recently represented by David Ellison law and attained a not guilty verdict. This was vital, as school (law) was just about to start for me as well as work, and if found guilty I would have faced many hardships, none of which would have been reasonable as I was and remain innocent. I almost represented myself. I’m glad I didn’t. I’m a law student, a black man, and a person who is very much interested in speaking for himself, so frankly I had little confidence that anyone, much less folks that don’t have a similarly shared lived experience, would be able to advocate for me effectively. I spoke to a trusted professor, a black female attorney, and shared with her my reservations. It was at this point I was referred to David Ellison Law. I’m not a a lawyer just yet, but with my being represented by Ellison Law and their referral coming from a lawyer… this makes David Ellison literally a lawyer’s lawyer. And Allyson Quay is certainly a lawyer’s lawyer as well. She delivered the opening and closing arguments with measured force and nuance. Dave handled the direct examinations of, and shredded the cross examinations of the witnesses at trial.

I know I’ve mentioned race a couple times. With that said it is important to point out that this case was NOT a “race based” case per se. Surely I have my suspicions and ideas about a possibly pretextual nature to any of my police initiated interactions with police, yet here is where the artful and empathetic treatment of my case by my attorneys became apparent. They understood and understand me. They know and are aware of the legal history of this country. They did not ignore race, they (we) incorporated it in a way to simply garner some deserved consideration or empathy for my position while not using it as an accusatory device against the police.

Ellison Law really helped the course of my life. I am eternally grateful. This is no exaggeration. This “journey” (god I hate that word) that we went on together, was an invaluable experience for me. A black law student went through a whole trial as the defendant! And won! And it will probably end up being helpful case law for other defendants in the future! I’d do it all again. Getting to see justice work like this has put more wind in my sails and has me more confident than I have ever been that when you get to the courtrooms there are some reasonable minds making judgements out there.

Perhaps most importantly… Even if we lost I would be this satisfied with David Ellison Law. They promised me zealous, sympathetic/empathetic advocacy and that is what I got. Before the trial began I was so skeptical… wondering about the money. What are they doing with the money? What am I paying for? When that trial started it was clear. I felt happy. It felt worth it. I knew whether I won or lost it was a fair price and I would not begrudge them. When I won… I kinda felt I got away with something. All of a sudden I felt like I didn’t pay enough… let me check that, I’m not trying to be the cause for rate hikes; At the end of trial I found myself wishing I were in a more financially sound position so I could give them more. I couldn’t recommend this office more highly.”

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