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Not Guilty Filing - Resisting Arrest and Obstruction of Justice

September 2022

Our client was charged with Resisting Arrest and Obstruction of Justice from an incident with the police in Rhode Island. These charges are misdemeanor criminal charges that can result in jail time, probation and/or having a criminal record. We did our own investigation into the case by obtaining evidence, watching video and interviewing witnesses. 

We decided to select a trial date for the case where the prosecution had to bring in witnesses to prove the case beyond a reasonable doubt. As a result of the evidence we obtained and showed the prosecution, they agreed to offer a Not Guilty Filing on the charges. This means our client did not have to admit to any wrong doing and maintained his innocence. In less than a year it will be expunged from his record entirely. 

Practice area(s): Criminal Defense

Allyson Quay

Attorney Allyson Quay is an Associate Attorney for Ellison Law LLC.

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