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License Suspension Annulled - Removed from Driving Record After RMV Board of Appeals Hearing

December 2019

Our client received a license suspension in Massachusetts from an incident that occurred in Rhode Island. They were charged with Reckless Driving in Rhode Island. They plead nolo contenders to the charge in Rhode Island and received a "one-year filing" with no loss of license. Massachusetts eventually was sent notice of this by the Rhode Island DMV, and the Massachusetts RMV decided to suspend our client's license for 60 days as an "out-of-state conviction." We appealed this to the RMV Board of Appeals. At the Board of Appeals, we argued that this is not a conviction under Rhode Island law, therefore, it should not be considered a conviction. We wrote a memo for the Board. We received a decision in the mail that the Board of Appeals has ordered the RMV to "annull" the suspension and remove it from our client's driving record. 

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