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Hardship License Granted at RMV Board of Appeals in Massachusetts

December 2019

Our client is a Massachusetts resident who received a DUI in Rhode Island. Our client's license was suspended in Rhode Island for a certain amount of time and they had to install an ignition interlock device in their car. After our client's license suspension was done in Rhode Island, Massachusetts decided they wanted to suspend his license for a longer amount of time than Rhode Island. They treated it as a second offense in Massachusetts because our client had a prior conviction for DUI. 

As a result, Massachusetts decided to suspend our client's license for 2 years. We appealed this to the RMV Board of Appeals. We wrote a memorandum for the RMV Board of Appeals and argued for our client to receive a hardship license. The RMV Board of Appeals voted in his favor and gave him a hardship license. 

Practice area(s): Licensing

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