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Car Accidents

People rely on cars every day for their basic transportation. It can be devastating and traumatic when a car accident happens to you. Attorney David Ellison understands that this is a difficult time and a new process for many people.

If you have been injured in a car accident due to the negligence of another person, contact David today. In situations with a car accident, there is no initial fee. Instead, we will only charge a fee if we are able to collect money for you from a verdict at trial or a settlement.

When we handle your car accident case, we will request all of the police reports and witness statements associated with the case. We will use medical records and employment records to prove your injuries and lost time from work. If we cannot settle the case with the insurance company, we will file a lawsuit on your behalf. We never lose focus of the most important issue - making sure you receive the compensation you deserve for your loss.

Attorney Ellison gained experience dealing with car accident cases when he represented the City of Providence as an attorney in their Law Department. While there, he defended the City of Providence and their employees when they were sued for getting into a car accident.

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Advocating For You

When you hire Attorney David Ellison, not only are you getting a skilled, experienced, and aggressive lawyer in your corner, but you're getting a lawyer who understands the importance of empathy, honesty, and trustworthiness. Attorney Ellison is a lawyer who loves to advocate for you.